Have enjoyed living in Ilfracombe since 1981, was a director of 2 large North Devon companies.

After town bankruptcy in 1997 stood and elected to council, 1998/2001 chaired finance committee.

In 2000 opened Trans-send – centre for sustainable living, 2001 started Cow Green; 2001 Community Alliance – as chair and vice-chair led the development of the town’s strategic action plan.

2003-7 on NHS Board of District hospital. 2007 invited to sit on the Sustainable Development Commission’s national panel (the government’s reference point on sustainable living issues); 2008 Trustee of local charity FOND (Friends of North Devon) Families; Local Action Group (a GOSW/EU funding source for local companies).

2008 vice-chair of Transform, Ilfracombe’s neighbourhood management project

Cllr Frank Pearson Registerable Interests

E-Mail: frank.pearson@ilfracombetowncouncil.gov.uk