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Cllr Sara Wilson Registerable Interests

I moved to Ilfracombe as a youngster in 1978, and went to the secondary school here, then known as the ‘Comp’.  After A levels I was offered a  place at Southampton university, and after getting a BA in Archaeology and History, I worked in a team of field archaeologists for Winchester City Council, a dream of a job!

I then continued to live in Hampshire until 2007, serving as a school governor and, after the archaeology work dried up, working for a large Marks and Spencer’s store, whilst studying as a postgraduate at Winchester University.

In 2007 I moved back  to Ilfracombe as a single parent  with my 2 daughters, and in 2011 I was able to return  to my passion for history when I accepted the job of manager of Ilfracombe Museum, a role that I’m hugely proud of.

I am married to local man Bob Wilson, and one daughter now runs her own business whilst the other works for the NHS.

I am proud to be elected as a brand new town councillor and to have the chance to serve this community.