North Devon Council

Parking Permits

There are numerous parking permits available that cater for variations in location, time scale and cost. Each option comes with a brief explanation and the title links directly to the relevant North Devon Council webpage where you will find more details on cost and how to apply for a permit.

Annual and Quarterly Permit (Ilfracombe)

Provides parking in all long-stay car parks in Ilfracombe – the long-stay car parks are situated around the outskirts of the town centre.

Annual Permit Ilfracombe (Hillsborough/Larkstone)

Provides parking in the Hillsborough and Larkstone car parks only.

Seasonal Permit

Mainly for use by visitors to North Devon. The permit covers our long-stay car parks only and is available for 4 days or weekly.

Seasonal 7 – Day Rover Permit

Covers all North Devon Council car parks, except The Cattle Market, Barnstaple and The Pier in Ilfracombe. This permit is not valid in any Lynton and Lynmouth Car Parks.

Local Residents Permit

Available to residents who live within a quarter of a mile radius of specific car parks. Proof of residency and vehicle ownership must be provided on application. Proof of residency must also be shown when renewing this permit.

Residents Evening Permit

Available to local residents of Barnstaple and Ilfracombe for the closest nominated car park to their home. Permits by application only. Permit valid from 4.45pm to midnight only.

Winter Permit Ilfracombe

Provides discounted parking to residents and visitors during the winter season.