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Ropery Road Car Park

The Ropery Road car park is owned by Ilfracombe Town Council with the surplus from the parking fees being reinvested into the town.

The car park is managed by Premier Park Ltd who are responsible for the Automatic Number Plate Recognition camera system and the issuing of Penalty Charge Notices should the cark park regulations be contravened.

Location of Ropery Road Car Park

Ropery Road Car Park Charges



Ilfracombe Town Council does not have access to the parking enforcement details, subsequently should a vehicle owner receive a PCN they are advised to contact Premier Park Ltd directly.

Following recent discussions between Ilfracombe Town Council and Premier Park Ltd the following points are raised for clarification:

  • No fines will be enforced for tickets that are issued due to an incorrect registration entry that is “extremely close to correct”.
  • The grace period has been extended from 10 to 15 minutes.

In a bid to assist members of the public who feel they have received a PCN unfairly Ilfracombe Town Council will accept evidence to collaborate any grievances and contact Premier park directly. Please note, no original documentation is to be forwarded to Ilfracombe Town Council. Images of PCN, tickets or a screen shot of RINGO account etc can be forwarded to

Note, this does not replace the current process of contacting Premier Park directly however it does provide an additional route for individuals to follow.