Ilfracombe Strategic Plan

2015 – 2025


The Ilfracombe Town Council Strategic Plan was originally adopted on 11th January 2010 and covered a 10 year period from 2010 – 2020, incorporating 17 Objectives. The Strategy has proved enormously successful in terms of supporting the Town Council’s vision and delivering on many actions identified relating to 6 specific objectives. Several ambitions have been realised in the last five years whilst some have had to be modified in the light of Government policy changes and due to economic considerations. The Council has taken the opportunity to review the plan given that it is half way through its life cycle. Its ‘Vision’ is as ambitious as ever and the value of having a strategy to achieve that vision cannot be understated.

The Strategy now has 18 Objectives as opposed to 17 in the 2010 document, with the extra objective devoted to health matters. The lower than average life expectancy in parts of Ilfracombe together with major reorganisation of healthcare has made us look more closely at ways of providing a co-ordinated support network in our Town.