We are the Ilfracombe Youth Council, a collection of young people who are interested in benefitting our town.

Together we have been successful in creating a group that not only helps our community but, also develops our knowledge and understanding of democracy.


To promote a local youth voice and point of view

To develop our knowledge of democracy

To develop our understanding or and to learn how to debate

To listen to and understand the point of view of others

Our Projects

2018 – Introduction

Between the members of the Youth Council we came up with three different project ideas that we could work upon that would directly benefit our local community.

Through a process of discussion and debate we decided to adopt a project that would address the use of single use plastics throughout Ilfracombe. This would also build upon the work already undertaken by the Town Council led Plastic Free Ilfracombe project.


  • Reduce the amount of single use plastics both domestically and commercially.
  • Arrange and participate in local beach clean events.
  • To promote the project through engagement with all local schools.
  • To promote the project through engagement with local groups, organisations and businesses.
  • To arrange a plastic free awareness day.
  • To create text, imagery, photography and video content that promotes the project.

As part of our project we interviewed four local Ilfracombe business owners to discuss their views on single use plastics and how they have implemented changes as to their uses in their respective businesses