Review of Dog Public Space Protection Order (PSPO)

Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPOs) have been in place across North Devon for dogs for the past three years and are up for renewal.

PSPOs make it an offence to not clear up your dogs fouling, to not put your dog on a lead when directed and it also excludes dogs from certain areas.

They are up for renewal and we’d like to consult with you about other factors we are looking to introduce.

Dogs are currently required to be on a lead in cemeteries and we’re considering extending this to all North Devon car parks.

We also considering broadening the amount of authorised officers of North Devon Council that can direct individuals to have their dog on a lead. If you’re directed to have your dog on a lead, we’d like it to be on a 1.5 metre or less.

In order to ensure that all dogs are under control at all times, we’d like to hear your view on the introduction of a maximum of six dogs being walked by one single person at any one time. This has happened in other local authority areas and it’s proved to be very successful.

We’ll also be consulting to keep the restriction of no dogs in North Devon Council children’s parks.

We’d also like to hear your views about the proposed restriction of the amount of dogs that people can exercise off the lead or on an extendable lead at any one time. We consider that three or less is an appropriate number.

But what do you think?

Keep an eye on the NDC and ITC  social media channels and websites – the consultation is coming soon and we’d love to hear what you think.