Drain Clearance Update

The additional drain cleaning that Ilfracombe Town Council has been able to provide (via an award of grant funding) has now been completed. Over 70 drains have been cleaned and emptied in the town.

The only drains that have not been cleaned that were on the prepared list were ones indicated in Cambridge Grove and St Peters Terrace. These drains were covered by parked cars and as such were not accessible during the visits that were made.

If you now have any reports of drains that need attention – please ensure that they are reported to the Devon County Council team (via 0345 1551004 or visit the DCC web page www.devon.gov.uk or  the front desk at the Ilfracombe Centre).

It is hoped that when our new maintenance worker comes on board any clearing of e.g grass/leaves that cover and block the drains will be completed by them. However a full flush and empty of the drains and the disposal of the waste thereafter can only be completed by a specialised waste contractor . As such these instances must be reported to Devon County Council.

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