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Notice of Election

Downloadable (pdf) copies of the Election Notices

Notice of Election of Parish Councillors (pdf)

Notice of Election of District Councillors (pdf)

You can also download a Nomination Paper, or you can pick up a hard copy from the Ilfracombe Centre, Lynton House, Amory House or South Molton Area Office.

Election of a Parish Councillor – Nomination Paper

 You can also download the following directly from the North Devon Council website:

District Nomination Pack

Parish Nomination Pack

Register Request Form (Candidates Only)

Absent Voters List (Candidates Only)

Close of nominations, withdrawals & Appointment of Election Agents (Election Agents only applicable for District) is on Wednesday 3rd April @ 4pm. Nominations MUST be delivered by hand, nominations sent through the post will not be accepted and will be classed as undelivered. Delivery times are 10am-4pm weekdays.

Helpful Information for Completing your Nomination and more detailed election information can also be found on the North Devon Council website.

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