||High Street Car Park – Have your Say

The opportunity has arisen for Ilfracombe Town Council to purchase the High Street car park at the rear of the garage.

We are consulting with Ilfracombe residents and businesses for their views on this proposal.

The important points are:

1. It will be purchased with a Government low-interest loan not using any of Ilfracombe’s reserves.

2. It will not impact on Council Tax.

3. The business case shows that income will exceed expenditure.

4. Profits will be ploughed back into town improvements as with the Ropery Road car park.

5. The site can be considerably improved with planting space and regular care and maintenance.

6. Ownership by the town will prevent any speculative purchase focussed on alternative development and the subsequent loss of an essential High Street car park.

7. This is an important site supporting trade in the High Street and use by local residents.

Please click on the image to take part in the survey – Thank you

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