||Ilfracombe Carnival – The Lions need YOUR help !

Ilfracombe Carnival 2018 – The Lions need YOUR help!

Ilfracombe carnival has grown in success and this is due to the support they have received from local business and sponsors. It is appreciated that this is a difficult financial time for most but, a little help from many can go a long way to repeating the success of the carnival. Last year The Lions raised over £3,000 which went to local good causes and supported other local events. Providing Prizes and Cups has generated more involvement from local people which in turn has raised more money for local causes.

The Lions need local business to support the carnival therefore they are asking if YOU could sponsor a cup or cups or provide prize money which will be acknowledged on the prize certificates.

There are 5 carnival classes

1st prize  £100, 2nd £50, 3rd £20 (carnival floats)

1st prize £100 2nd £50 3rd £10 decorated motor vehicles/ walking adults/ walking mixed groups/ walking children under 16 years.

And an out of town cup, entries from outside Ilfracombe £100.

You could even be a judge of the entrants if you wished ! If you could help please email the Lions or Contact John Forsdike  07817052969/01271268146

 Email:    ilfracombeanddistrictlionsclub@gmail.com

Web:       http://www.e-clubhouse.org/sites/ilfracombe/

Facebook:   https://www.facebook.com/Ilfracombe-and-district-lions-Club-340113022837078/

Twitter:     @ilfracombelions

President Colin Everest

The Ilfracombe & District Lions sponsored Ilfracombe Carnival takes place on 26th August 2018. On behalf of the Lions we hope you can support this wonderful event.

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