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Ilfracombe Town Council is proud to be involved in delivering Fiver Fest across the town in support of our fantastic small independent businesses, shops & enterprises.

Ilfracombe’s independent shops and businesses are invited to join in with the Totally Locally National Fiver Fest – A High Street Shopping Campaign.

To show the importance of supporting our high streets, Ilfracombe is joining with over 100 Independent High Streets across the UK, to put on very special £5 offers across two weeks in October, in the TOTALLY LOCALLY FIVER FEST.

“Fiver Fest is now a big part of our promotions for Ilfracombe. The independent shops and businesses are what makes our town special and unique. We appreciate it when our community support us, so these offers are to say thank you for that support, and to show just what great value our local businesses are.” – The Mayor of Ilfracombe, Cllr Val Gates

FIVER FEST is a free to join campaign, devised and run by Totally Locally, a grass roots High Street organisation that has been helping businesses and High Streets to help themselves since 2010 with incredible results.

This Fiver Fest, Totally Locally is partnering with Visa to encourage even more small business owners to sign up to this celebration of independent high streets. Together, they are also calling on consumers to divert £5 of their weekly spend to support the small businesses in their communities.

Fiver Fest is based around the now famous Totally Locally £5 message:

“If every adult in Ilfracombe spent just £5 per week in their local independent shops and businesses, it would mean that:

Spending just £5 a week in Ilfracombe makes a big difference to our Independent Traders, the “Fiver Fest” promotes this message.

Fiver Fest has been running successfully in individual towns in the UK and abroad over the past 7 years, but in 2019 the team at Totally locally brought together towns across the country in on big Fiver Fest celebration. 43 towns joined in and he result was phenomenal with reports of new customers, people rediscovering shops they hadn’t been into in years and huge sales of £5 offers. Over then two consecutive Fiver Fests, the number of towns taking part has now reached over 100.

Fiver Fest Offers have been imaginative and varied; from £5 massages, to a £5 local meat packs, £5 best-selling book offers to £5 lunch deals and even axe-throwing for £5.

“We know Fiver Fest isn’t going to change the world”, said Chris Sands of Totally Locally, “But small changes in spending habits can really make a difference to our high streets. Just by diverting £5 of our weekly spend to local independents we give them a fighting chance to thrive. It’s a conversation worth having!”.

It is for this reason, that the fourth National Fiver Fest is taking place. This time it’s even more important than ever after how our world has changed during 2020. YouGov research has shown that 59% of shoppers have used more local shops to support them during lockdown.

For any independent business wishing to participate in the Fiver Fest in Ilfracombe, please read the sections below.

The main point of contact for Ilfracombe Fiver Fest is Neil Ingram via neil.ingram@northdevon.gov.uk

What is Totally Locally Fiver Fest? 2020-10-02T10:22:40+01:00

What is Totally Locally Fiver Fest?

The Totally Locally Fiver Fest is a big celebration of Britain’s fantastic small businesses and shops, many run by families or individuals, but ALL contributing massively to the economy of the UK and the wellbeing of our towns.


There was absolutely loads of media coverage, and the reports of big sales, and new customers rediscovering their High Streets was huge.

More details over on the Totally Locally website

How does it Work? 2020-10-02T16:10:24+01:00

How does it Work?

Businesses taking part put on special £5 offers over 2 weeks, to show the diversity and value of what they sell, and to say thank you to the communities that support them.

Businesses can come together to support each other, share each other’s offers, work on PR – everything to get people moving around the town, and discovering their local independent shops.

What a £5 offer is:

Offers should be something with a £5 spend to tie in with the £5 message, something discounted from a usual price of at least

£7/8, but the bigger the discount the better!

Businesses not on the high street such as services, fitness, financial companies etc can offer introductory services to get new clients on board. Make the offer for something brill, not just old stock you are trying to shift. There’s lots more info on www.fiverfest.co.uk about how to run a Fiver Fest, what offers work etc.

What a £5 offer isn’t!

 Fiver Fest works best when offers are a £5 spend to re-enforce your town’s £5 message. So please don’t use discounts e.g. £5 or 5% off. It’s all about getting great bargains for a fiver!

How do I get involved? 2020-10-02T13:48:34+01:00

How do I get involved?

Simply identify a £5 Special Offer and Promote It!

This is where we come in – on this page you will find links to numerous posters and social media content in numerous different formats.

Print and display at your premises, add to your boards, windows, notice boards, menus in fact pretty much anywhere you can think of.

Post on your social media channels using #fiverfestilfracombe #fiverfest #totallylocally

Ilfracombe Town Council, One Ilfracombe, North Devon Council and Totally Locally will be monitoring and sharing some of your socials.

Additional Help 2020-10-02T14:40:20+01:00

If you have problems downloading any of the posters or social media images get in touch with us.

If your business wants to take part in Fiver Fest but you do not have a social media presence or maybe you do have one but you’d like some guidance on how best to promote Fiver Fest then maybe this is the perfect opportunity to get social as we can help.

If you are unable to print off a copy of a poster let us know and we will help.

For issues with any of the above or if you would like guidance on how to get social for Fiver Fest you can either e-mail neil.ingram@northdevon.gov.uk or leave a comment on this page.

The Do’s & Don’ts 2020-10-02T16:15:31+01:00


  • Harness the Fiver Fest campaign to promote your business – it’s designed to be a shop window for your business and community so get involved! It’s all about getting locals through your doors to show them what you do & sell
  • Encourage your local community to support your shop/high street, encourage and post feedback from shoppers
  • Be creative on social media – use images, videos, humour and personality in your posts to help more people see and engage with your Fiver Fest content. Post a lovely smiley picture of you with your offer poster and products that are included. If you’re camera-shy, post a photo of just your offer and/or poster, that’s fine too! Always use the #ilfracombefiverfest and #totallylocally hashtags when posting these online!


  • Post anything negative, rude or unkind about other businesses, high streets or the campaign. We know you wouldn’t, but we have to say it.
  • We’d also ask that you refrain from any offensive or inappropriate language or imagery when using #IlfracombeFiverfest #Fiverfest – just like your high street, keep it clean people.
Boring but, Important Stuff 2020-10-02T16:16:49+01:00

Fiver Fest is strictly only for independent businesses (no large chains, franchises, national charities etc), the general rule is that if someone says they have to check with head-office first, Fiver Fest is not for them! Chains and franchises often have the benefit of national marketing campaigns, we’re just trying to help you little guys.

Totally Locally and Fiver Fest are trademarked so it would be very naughty to copy what we’re doing here and pretend it’s your idea.

The Visa logo should not be changed or altered in any way. The Visa logo should not be misinterpreted, modified or added to. Any assets with the Visa logo included cannot be altered and all assets provided are final.

The only editing of posters you should be doing electronically is to add details of offers into the spaced provided, thanks muchly!

…that said, feel free to make your own arty interpretations of the Fiver Fest name for A-boards, noticeboards, windows and send us/tag us on social media with your fab efforts. We LOVE a creative and arty Fiver Fest display!

Our £5 Special is.jpg

Offers around town include.jpg

Five Pound Message.jpg

Shop like your High Street depends on it.jpg

Our £5 Special is.pdf

Offers around town include.pdf

Five Pound Message.pdf

Shop like your High Street depends on it.pdf

Declaration of Independents.jpg

Declaration of Independents.pdf

National £5 message.jpg

National £5 message.pdf

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