||Robs Gardening Tips for June

 Ilfracombe Town Council Maintenance Operative, Rob Townsend offers his Top Ten Gardening Tips of the Month for June


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  1. Sophia Henri 19th June 2020 at 9:36 am - Reply

    Given the received wisdom in this Climate Emergency*, is that wild flowers and many flowering weeds provide essential food for our rapidly-diminishing bee and other pollinating populations, garden mowing should be dramatically reduced wherever possible – not just residential gardens but all green spaces in and around Ilfracombe (indeed North Devon + beyond!).

    To that end, many of us would like to see ITC take a lead on changing habits and advise against over-mowing, perhaps offering a guideline of one a month (if necessarily that often).

    I hope Rob will use his position to promote this important message.

    Thank you.
    *NDC *DCC and *ITC have formally declared Climate Emergencies, among hundreds of other UK Councils, so it’s beyond time to actually take action!

    • Admin 22nd June 2020 at 9:09 am - Reply

      Hi Sophia, Rob said you are quite correct and the advice has been amended accordingly. 🙂

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