||Town Council Team tackle Eleanor


Town Council duo tackle Storm Eleanor


Not many local Ilfracombe residents were up and about at 5:00am this morning but, if you were chances are you may have seen Rob & Rich from Ilfracombe Town Council.

Following the flood warnings issued for this morning they took it upon themselves to take on the forces of mother nature to prevent damage to vehicles and both residential and business properties in the town.

Through continually unblocking the drains which were being covered by the wave driven debris they prevented the surge of water from deepening and then making its way further down into the harbour.

As the sun came up they then turned their attention to several damaged trees which required some “chainsaw first aid” to prevent the possibility of accident or harm.

Apologies for the quality of some of these photo’s but, it was very wet out there! – Bravo to our #HighVizHeroes


If you are a resident or business owner and you feel you may be at risk of flooding the Ilfracombe Flood & Resilience website provides up to the minute live flood alerts, weather information, resources and guidance to prepare for any potential flood risks.



A collection of sandbags is also available behind the Anchor in the Ropery Road Car Park.

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