||Waste and Recycling Collections – Christmas & New Year 2020/21

With the festive season nearly upon us, we want to make sure you know about changes to waste and recycling collections over the Christmas and New Year Period.

Check out our festive table below for a summary or enter your postcode into the collection dates calendar on the North Devon Council website, then select your address, for a full list of all your upcoming collections.

You can also help the effort to recycle your waste collections this year with these handy tips.


  • flatten cardboard boxes, remove any tape and put it in your brown bags. If you have too much cardboard to fit in the brown bags you can contact the council to arrange a free bulky waste collection on 01271 374776 in the new year
  • remove non-recyclable plastic film inserts from cardboard packaging before flattening it and put in the brown bag
  • scrunch up tin foil, including mince pie foil cases and recycle them in your recycling box
  • wash and squash plastic bottles and drink cans to make more room in your recycling box
  • use brown paper as a recyclable alternative to wrapping paper; if all the sticky tape is removed it can go in the brown bag to be recycled
  • reuse leftover food in sandwiches or a curry,  all food waste should go in your kerbside caddy
  • recycle plain cards in the brown bag
  • separate your glass from the rest of your recycling and place in your blue box
  • dispose of real Christmas trees with a trunk of 5cm or less in your green wheelie bin if you have a permit. Trees of all sizes will be accepted at your local Devon County Council recycling centre if your tree is to big or you don’t have a permit


  • put non-recyclable items such as black plastic or items with mixed materials in your recycling.  Items like crisp tubes, made of cardboard and metal and tablet blister packs, made of plastic and foil should be put in your black wheelie bin
  • put wrapping paper in your green recycling bag, or shiny and glittery Christmas cards, as they are unsuitable for recycling
  • put brown paper in your green bag recycling bag (brown paper goes in your brown bag with cardboard)
  • put Tetrapacks which are made from mixed materials in the kerbside recycling. You can recycle them by taking them to your nearest Devon County Council recycling centre where there is a special collection bank
  • recycle greasy pizza boxes because the grease they absorb means they aren’t suitable for recycling, put them in your black bin instead
  • put carrier bags, cling film or plastic film in the recycling box. However, some types of plastic film can recycled in carrier bag collection points at supermarkets and Devon County Council recycling centres
  • put spent batteries in your kerbside collection. Take them to a recycling point at a local supermarket or Devon County Council recycling centre instead
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