Felling and monlithing 12 Ash trees

DCC is organising tree works to the rear of Saltmer Close – along the cycleway – starting on the 22nd February. They will be felling/ monlithing 12 Ash trees (leaving between 4 – 6m of the trunk as standing deadwood)

Ash Dieback is continuing to progress through the district. DCC have asked one of their tree surgeons to start looking at sites where trees are close to or overhanging neighbouring properties and where access is poor.

The reason for this is that the tree will become too dangerous to climb as the disease develops leaving felling as the only option. On sites where we are unable to get a crane or cherry picker, or it is very difficult there will be no option but to fell at ground level.

DCC will also be looking to either allow natural regeneration or to restock with a range of broadleaved species that provide some of the ecological niches provided by Ash following the Devon Ash Dieback Resilience Forum advice note. Download here – Replacing-ash-appropriate-tree-selection. As it is getting quite late in the season replanting, if required, will be undertaken in the autumn/ winter later this year.