The Fire & Rescue Service and YOUR community needs your help

  • Did you know that Ilfracombe Fire Station is manned by on-call Firefighters?

  • Did you know that Ilfracombe Fire Station requires an additional 12 on call Firefighters to be able to crew their appliances?


What is an on-call firefighter?

  • On-call crews are paid, trained professionals working to the same high standards as wholetime Firefighters.
  • Apart from a few hours a week for training sessions and to carry out other pre-arranged duties,
    on-call firefighters only attend the fire station when they have received an emergency callout.
  • Each on-call firefighter carries a pocket pager, which is activated when they are needed and they have a maximum of five minutes to report to the fire station and mobilise the necessary appliance(s).

If you would like to register your interest in becoming an on-call Firefighter please click the link, complete the short form and either e-mail it to Dan Lester at or drop it into Ilfracombe Fire Station.

There is a wealth of more information covering all aspects of being an on-call Firefighter, ranging from training to salary & allowances to the recruitment process, available on this web page, or you can download the entire document in PDF format by clicking here.

If you are still unsure as to whether you have the skills required to become an on-call Firefighter or you have any other questions please contact Dan Lester at Ilfracombe Firestation on 07929746455